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Lida Plastic Profile Factory, Henglan Town, Zhongshan City, was founded in 2013 and produces various types of plastic extrusion products. Franchise: PVC pellets for lighting, building materials, furniture, toys, stationery, electronic appliances, automobiles, strollers, photo frames, sports equipment and other PVC engineering plastics. Develop and produce products with special performance according to customer requirements. The company has a good leadership team and technical personnel to develop products...





We are a manufacturer with many years of production experience

Lida Plastic Profile Factory produces various types of plastic profile products. It is an engineering plastic profile extrusion company integrating development, design and production.

Our company can develop tailor-made all kinds of plastic profiled extrusion products for customers. It has multiple extrusion machines, cutting machines, air compressors and other equipment to meet the needs of mass production.


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The company has a standard factory, factory direct sales, which saves you the profit margin of the middleman, and the price is more affordable. It has a special-shaped extrusion mold development department and has 7 years of special-shaped extrusion development experience.

Raw materials must be inspected, packaging must be inspected, process must be inspected, shipment must be inspected, 4 inspections to ensure stable quality. Choose good raw materials, meet customer requirements for materials, complete quality inspection procedures for finished products, and strictly follow the ISO quality management system.


PVC finished products are widely used in all kinds of products in all walks of life

PVC material has a wide range of uses, mainly used for production, and has good processing performance, low manufacturing cost, corrosion resistance, insulation and other good characteristics.

PVC products can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. For example: pvc plastic coated welded wire mesh, pvc foam board, pvc ceiling, pvc water pipe, pvc wire, etc.


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Daily inspection, routine maintenance, you only need to enjoy the convenience brought by Lida, 12-hour online service of the after-sales customer service team, anxious for customers' needs!


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Extrusion molding of plastic profile manufacturers

Plastic profile extrusion molding planning considerations. In the planning of extrusion molding of plastic profile, special attention should be paid to the uniformity of wall thickness, fillet and stiffener. If there is any omission, it will lead to irreparable defects. Li, chief engineer of the plastic molding Research Institute of Tsinghua University, also pointed out that the planning of plastic products is very different with different cooling and setting methods. Let's take a look at the th

Influence of technical commonness on PVC profile manufacturers

The coextrusion of PVC profiles and multicolored surface layers is one of the most popular coloration methods for PVC profiles in China. From 2002 to now, the development trend of producing colorful profiles by CO extrusion is rapid, accounting for about 40% of the sales market of colorful profiles, and it is estimated to reach 80% in 2020. By using coextrusion technology, the milky white PVC profile can be colored, and the aging resistance, temperature resistance and impact resistance of the PV

Coloring problems of PVC profile manufacturers

Therefore, in terms of PVC coloring, fully consider the characteristics of commonly used resins and related modifiers, and blend the characteristics of color paste. In the selection of additives, we should pay attention to the following three problems: 1. Production and processing reliability, some ingredients in additives will promote the dissolution of resin. For example, iron ion and zinc ion are metal catalysts for PVC resin dissolution. Therefore, the use of compound (red, yellow, brown and

Analysis on the defects of PVC profile manufacturer's production process

PVC profiles are widely used and bring convenience to our life. Generally, when we choose PVC profile, we will go to the regular business to buy, this posture quality is more guaranteed. We should read the operation manual carefully before using PVC profile, so that there will be no problem in the application process, which will affect our work. Some time, due to our improper use of methods will form PVC profile can not be used normally, then what should we do? 1. Surface tarnish: causes: poor p