Influence of technical commonness on PVC profile manufacturers

2020-12-17 560

Coextrusion of PVC profile with colorful surface

The coextrusion technology of PVC profile and multicolored whole surface layer is one of the most popular coloring methods for PVC profiles in China at present. From 2002 to now, the development trend of producing colorful profiles by CO extrusion is rapid, accounting for about 40% of the sales market of colorful profiles, and it is estimated to reach 80% in 2020.

By using coextrusion technology, the milky white PVC profile can be colored, and the aging resistance, temperature resistance and impact resistance of the PVC profile can be improved, and the PVC profile can be more lubricated and bright.

The selection of raw materials for coextrusion layer shall comply with the following standards:

1. Coextrusion layer can not reduce the physical properties and processing characteristics of PVC substrate, including secondary production processing characteristics;

2. The coextrusion layer can make the thickness of PVC base material meet the standard of aging resistance as small as possible;


3. The thickness of coextrusion layer should not exceed 1 / 4 of the wall thickness of the profile;

4. The equilibrium relationship between coextrusion layer and PVC substrate.

Source: PVC profile manufacturer

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