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2020-12-17 581

Plastic profile extrusion molding planning considerations. In the planning of extrusion molding of plastic profile, special attention should be paid to the uniformity of wall thickness, fillet and stiffener. If there is any omission, it will lead to irreparable defects. Li, chief engineer of the plastic molding Research Institute of Tsinghua University, also pointed out that the planning of plastic products is very different with different cooling and setting methods. Let's take a look at the three common plastic profile extrusion molding shape requirements

1) uniformity of wall thickness. In the same product, if the thickness difference of each part is too large, it will lead to uneven shortening, uneven distribution of internal stress and severe deformation of the product.


2) arc transition at acute angle. The profile is similar to the shape of angle steel, channel steel and I-shaped steel. At the right angle of the profile, there must be a transition of the arc with a certain large and small radius, otherwise it will lead to stress convergence, and the products often crack in the process of application.

3) the thickness of profile. The thickness of plastic products is bound, otherwise, the internal stress in the molding process is enough to make the products crack. As the thickness of profile is too large, whether it can be formed smoothly is still a problem; even if the profile is formed, how much internal stress of the product is, which is a problem of great concern. Under the condition that the user agrees, these products can be changed into reasonable shapes. In this way, it can not only ensure the smooth molding, but also ensure that the internal stress of the products will not be very large.

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