Zhongshan Henglan Lida Plastic Profile Factory

Zhongshan Henglan Lida Plastic Profile Factory was founded in 2013, producing all kinds of plastic extrusion products. Franchise: PVC particles for lighting, building materials, furniture, toys, stationery, electronic appliances, automobiles, baby carriages, photo frames, sports equipment and other PVC engineering plastics. Develop and produce products with special performance according to customer requirements. The company has a good leadership team, has technical personnel to develop products.

Using imported raw and auxiliary materials as an independent scientific production formula; with PVC technology production research. Advanced technology provides reliable quality assurance for products. We have a strong technical force and strong productivity, reliable product quality, exported to home and abroad. Since the establishment of the company, we have been constantly improving our technical level and production equipment, the company has technical engineers, is a research, development, production, sales integrated factory.